Testimonial: I purchased two VRS-60 wax melters in 2003 from Rite-Hete – and they're great!

The following year I was looking for a small wax melter and bought one from (a competitor). It was a complete dud – had to keep the temp at 195 to get the beeswax to pour – not very useful when you pour at 160-170 degrees. I sent it back for a refund.

Next, I ordered a no-name melter from (a distributor) – this was even worse. The thermometer shut-off did not work properly and $300 of pure bayberry wax was burnt. I sent this back as well. It took nearly 2 months of calling (the distributor) to get my refund back. At this point I decided not to buy anything more from (the distributor).

I searched the internet again and found melters from (a competitor), and Rite-Hete. I immediately recognized the VRS line of melters, and ordered a VRS-12 directly from Rite-Hete. I check your website periodically to see what, if anything, is new and might be helpful in our business.

Your melters are simply the best! Stainless Steel and heavy-duty construction – I wish I had a few more …. You can send any new models/equipment to me for “field testing”.

Luminary Creations
February 2006

  • Alloy and Asphalt Melters
  • Cast Aluminum Melting Pots
  • Cast Iron Solder Melting Pots
  • Melting Tanks
  • Waterbaths
  • Curing Tank Heaters
  • Wax, Gel, and Soap Melting Equipment