Ritehete: Standard and custom melting pots and tanks
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Large Round Melting Tanks


  • Heavy 10 gauge mild steel crucible
  • Heavy 12 gauge mild steel shell and cover
  • 4 fiberglass insulation-bottom and sidewalls
  • Multiple-circuit heating element uniformly applied to sidewall and bottom
  • Legs on tank raise valve height to your specification
  • Heated valve. Thermostatically controlled. Calibrated in temperature ranges of 100 to 550 or 60 to 250. (Specify type and size)

  • Zone heating
  • Type 1 tank agitator with 60:1 gear reduction for 29 RPM. Top or bottom entering agitation
  • Type 2 propeller type agitator, 350 RPM
  • Type 3 screw type agitator, 29 RPM
  • Agitator options:
    • 1. Speed control for agitation
      2. Grate located above agitator
      3. Electric or air operation (gear motor)
  • Actuated valve (air or electric)
  • Wheels or fork lift maneuverability
  • Stainless steel construction (tank shell and/or agitator)
  • Pump for molten process
  • Heated hose
  • Teflon coated tank and agitator
Control Panel Specifications
  • Safety door handle activates panel circuit breaker
  • All electrical controls mounted in NEMA-12 enclosure (or your specifications) Digital PID zone process temperature controller. Digital PID high limit/side wall controller
  • Valve thermostat (RTD sensor)

Agitation Melting tank agitation speeds up melting time, distributes heat more evenly and keeps inert material fillers in suspension. Order agitation in either air driven motors or electric gear motors. Speed control and grates are available for our agitators.

Always wear and use safety apparatus and follow safety precautions while working with or around melting pots, tanks and agitators

Dimensions - Control dimensions are excluded
Capacity I.D.
(Dia. x depth)
Type TR
    10 Gallons
    20 Gallons
    30 Gallons
    40 Gallons
    50 Gallons
    60 Gallons
    70 Gallons
    80 Gallons
    90 Gallons
    100 Gallons
14" x 16"
18" x 20"
21" x 21"
23" x 23"
24" x 28"
25" x 29"
29" x 27"
29" x 30"
29" x 32"
29" x 36"
TR tanks can be custom built up to 1000 gallons
or more